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Your home is one of the single most important purchases you will make in your lifetime. Not only does your home provide you with shelter, but it is also your retreat and place to relax and unwind with your family and friends. To ensure your home provides years of comfort and is the most energy-efficient to heat and cool, consider all options available, and call on us for a free no-obligation quote. 

Sprayfoam Insulation

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Sprayfoam is the most versatile and superior insulation. It outperforms and outlasts all other insulation. There are many different applications such as:
Houses, boats, storage containers, shops, barns, docks, floors, ceilings, trailers, truck bodies, bunkies, crawlspaces, pools, and ponds. Ductwork, pipes, roofs and so much more.
From your tiny home to your custom home or your cottage on the lake, it fills all gaps and cracks and seals things up tight. There is no limit to it's application and durability.


Some alternative uses for spray foam


Loose Fill

Attic insulation is a necessity and they need topping up from time to time. We can loose alot of our energy cost out through our attic if it is not properly insulated. An attic also has to be properly venmted in order to be most effetient and to reduce ice build up and moisture damage.


Watch video to learn about cellulose.


Whether your home is built with open sloped or enclosed cathedral ceilings, loose fill is an alternative solution. The the ceiling can either be sprayed on open surfaces (scissors truss ceilings) or dense packed in enclosed cavities, provided the proper air flow vents are applied from the soffit to the ridge vent and the material compressed to its non-settling state.

Cellulose Insulation applied in the basements

Floors over unheated living spaces require insulation. Structures built on piers or columns such as cottages, are common examples where an insulated floor is required. Another is living space above an unheated garage. Often builders have struggled with the common problem of cold floor syndrome. In this construction method air can infiltrate through a whole host of areas including the joist perimeter. Batt products afford little protection from air infiltration.