Thermocomfort Cullulose Insulation in New Home

Cellulose Applications

To ensure your home provides years of comfort and is inexpensive to heat and cool, you need an efficient, cost effective and versatile insulation.

Cellulose Insulation installed in attic
Thermocomfort Cellulose Insulation

Therm-O-Comfort's cellulose insulation fits the bill.


Your home is the single most important purchase you will make in your lifetime. Not only does your home provide you with shelter, it is your retreat and place to relax and unwind with your family and friends. To ensure your home provides years of comfort and is inexpensive to heat and cool, you need an efficient, cost effective and versatile insulation.
Therm-O-Comfort's cellulose insulation fits the bill. Available in spray and loose-fill, it can be used to insulate every part of your home including attics, walls, floors and cathedral ceilings.
Whether retrofitting your house with additional insulation or insulating a new home, cellulose delivers the performance you need.

Cellulose Insulation in the floors

for new construction the performance of cellulose is unsurpassed


Attics are the quickest and easiest way to save energy and improve the comfort of your home.
Cellulose can be blown over most pre-existing insulation such as fiberglass or rock wool loosefill or batt insulation.

For new construction the performance of cellulose is unsurpassed.
With the highest R-Value per inch and installed density, cellulose will provide the greatest protection against heat loss, ice damming and air infiltration.

Cellulose Insulation applied in the basements

Thermocomfort Cellulose is suitable for retrofit and new construction


To effectively insulate a wall, you need an insulation that can fill all of the voids and form a tight fit around wires, pipes, and electrical boxes. Whether the walls are sprayed or blown, cellulose will tighten up the home and prevent moisture related problems. Thermocomfort Cellulose, is suitable for both retrofit and new construction applications and can be easily installed by our professional technicians. Blown walls provide the greatest protection against air infiltration, heat loss and noise. High-density cellulose is installed in excess of 2.5 times the density of a regular blown attic insulation..

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Cellulose Insulation in the walls of the home

basements can account for up to 40% of heat loss


Basement walls are often poorly insulated and can account for up to 40 % of a homes heat loss. Additionally, basements require special consideration as the living environment is often exposed to higher humidity levels and sporadic wetting and flooding. Natural cellulose fibre, has the unique ability to slowly absorb and release moisture over time, thus preventing condensation problems.

Sloped or Cathedral Ceilings

loose-fill is the most cost effective solution


Whether your home is built with open sloped or enclosed cathedral ceilings, Thermocomfort cellulose,  is an ideal solution. When ceilings have a pitch (slope) less than 4.5 in 12, loose-fill is the most cost effective solution. For slopes over 4.5 in 12, the ceiling can either be sprayed on open surfaces (scissors truss ceilings) or dense packed in enclosed cavities, provided the proper air flow vents are applied from the soffit to the ridge vent and the material compressed to its non-settling state.


cellulose is the easiest and quickest alternative to batt insulation


Floors over unheated living spaces require insulation. Structures built on piers or columns such as cottages, are common examples where an insulated floor is required. Another is living space above an unheated garage. Often builders have struggled with the common problem of cold floor syndrome. In this construction method air can infiltrate through a whole host of areas including the joist perimeter. Batt products afford little protection from air infiltration. Dense packing cellulose is the easiest and quickest alternative to batt insulation and is a fraction of the cost of sprayed foam products.

Un-insulated Walls

cellulose can be injected into un-insulated walls to create a high-density blanket


Many older homes in Central Ontario have no insulation in the exterior walls. Cellulose can be injected into the walls, creating a high-density insulation blanket. This can be done either from the interior or the exterior. Small holes are drilled into the walls allowing the installation without the cost and mess of opening up the wall. Cellulose can be injected into wall cavities through brick mortar joints using a 3/4" nozzle. The mortar is repaired leaving a virtually invisible patch. Strips of siding can be removed and replaced to allow the installation from the exterior. Alternatively, the installation can be done through drywall or lathe and plaster. The insulation is injected into the wall cavity, the holes are plugged and coated with drywall compound.


Cellulose is made from 100% recycled wood fibers. The recycled newsprint is milled through a special process until it is reduced to a light, fluffy cotton-like material. Then the fibers are treated with various additives to make it resistant to fire, rodents, insects and other harmful agents. Every year in Canada, this process diverts over 100,000 tons of waste from valuable landfill sites.



facts about cellulose insulation


Effective - Reduces air leakage by as much as 1/3 of the total heat loss in a home.


Economical - Reduces heating and air conditioning costs which will pay dividends for years to come


Environmentally Friendly - Keeps valuable recyclables from going to landfill.


Fire Resistant - Actually blocks the spread of fire by as much as 22%


Noise Reduction - Excellent sound barrier.


Installer-Friendly - No skin irritations or health concerns.


Protection - Contains active ingredients which prevents the growth of mould, mildew and wood destroying fungi. They are also effective in controlling insects such as ants, roaches and termites. Rodents do not like cellulose insulation and tend not to live in walls and attics with cellulose installed.