Industrial Vacuuming Service

Vecloader with HEPA

Vecloader Uses


Asbestos Removal.

The powerful Vecloader with Hepa filtration system, is the safest and most efficient method for removing Asbestos and other hazardous materials.  Vermiculite insulation containing asbestos, can be quickly vacuumed from attics and walls in residential and commercial buildings. Studies have shown that alternative methods such as manually removing vermiculite insulation can release massive amounts of asbestos fibers into the air in your home or commercial property. Furthermore, the bags of waste are then carried through your home, further increasing the risk of exposure to asbestos.


The Vecloader system, is an extremely powerful vacuum. The asbestos containing insulation is vacuumed from the attic, and placed into double lined tear proof bags.  The discharged air is filtered through a HEPA filter, ensuring only clean air is discharged outside the house, protecting your property and your neighbours. 


Wood Mills.

The Vecloader can vacuum large quantities of shavings, sawdust, and wood chips from difficult to reach areas. It can be used for general plant clean up, high level dust removal, conveyor and production line spills, tanks, pits and crawl spaces. This machine can pull material from distances of 1200 feet. We can get into areas that are not accessible to other material handling equipment, such as front-end loaders. All recovered materials can be deposited into a dump truck, roll off bin, or other storage container for re-use or disposal.  


Grain, flour and other food plants.

The powerful Vecloader can be used to quickly and safely remove grains, flour and other bulk materials, from inside storage tanks, pits, silos, driers and conveyors. As the vacuumed material does not go through a material handling fan or auger, there is minimal damage to the grain. All recovered materials can be contained for reuse or disposal.


Dust Collectors

Over time, in plant dust collector systems may fail, clog or become plugged. Our Vecloader can be utilized to remove dust and debris from bag houses and the ductwork.    


Mining, Mills and Foundries.

The VecLoader can be used to clean ingot molds and furnaces. It is preferred for pit cleaning, since manual labour increases liability exposure and is not cost effective. Mechanical options are often restricted due to space constraints.


Gold, silver, copper mines, foundries, coal plants, and carbon processors. Can all benefit from the versatility of the vecloader. The versatility makes it an ideal piece of equipment for cleaning up conveyor spills and accumulations, ore conveyance, cleanup of dust and fly ash spills. It is also suitable for vacuum conveyance of carbon black and other fine materials.


Other Suitable uses for the Vecloader.


Bulk material recovery from


Conveyor lines,




Crawl spaces,



Road and Rail spills

Truck and rail car tanks

Ship cargo areas.

Agricultural silos, driers etc.

Ballast tanks

Roof rock removal.

Dust Collectors, ductwork.

Waste water tanks

Sludge pits.

Filter beds.



We can quickly remove or clean.


Roof rock,

Asbestos and hazardous materials,


Fly ash,

Cement dust,

Carbon black,





Abrasive blasting dust, sand, steel grit, corn cob, soda, etc.



VecLoaders are called upon to convey heavy blast media with weights to 200 pounds per cubic foot, over distances up to 1,200 feet. Vector vacuums are used to recover steel-grit and shot in industrial blast booths. HEPA systems insure that ambient air is never in contact with the collected material or expelled to atmosphere.

VecLoaders have been used on both barges and on land after oil spills. They recover spilled bulk solids, liquids, and slurries. VecLoaders can clean sump pumps and are used to remove topsoil, gravel and roof rock. They can be employed to clean underground storage tanks and hard to reach crawl spaces, that may be contaminated with trace minerals, asbestos and other assorted ellements.


Our VecLoader can be used for barge and railcar filling, their bulk cleaning, and their final clean out. Also for road and rail spills, plant clean up and industrial cleaning projects.


We would be pleased to work with you on your difficult industrial cleaning and bulk removal projects. Please call to discuss your unique project.