Insulation Removal

Insulation may have become damaged from fire, water, mould, bats, birds, animals or rodents. Insulation may need to be removed to upgrade old wiring or to allow for renovations.

 Georgian Insulation removing your insulation
Removing Insulation from home
Removing Insulation from Attic
We have the equipment to do the job properly


Georgian Insulation Systems,  utilizes a 95 hp custom built; truck mounted vacuum system to remove all types of old or damaged insulation. The insulation is vacuumed through an eight inch hose, and then pumped into an enclosed disposal container. The container is fitted with high efficiency filters that ensure a clean safe operation. HEPA filters can be added for hazardous materials.  Once removed the insulation is properly disposed of at a suitable waste recycling facility.


Georgian Insulation Systems', modern removal system and trained professionals will quickly and safely remove your old insulation. All debris is safely vacuumed from your attic, eliminating the risks associated with old fashioned manual removal methods.


Other companies manually scoop the insulation into plastic garbage bags. These bags are then carried through your home they could potentially burst or tear, releasing insulation fibers into the occupied space.




Animals such as squirrels or raccoons may be enticed to live in an attic. It is a warm, dry and comfortable habitat. However, these animals can do a lot of damage to your home and the insulation. They tend to move the insulation around; leaving cold, bare spots that can lead to ice damage, water intrusion, mould and general discomfort in your home. Furthermore, animals leave behind urine and faeces which can also lead to foul smells and water stains on ceilings. These droppings must be treated with the utmost care.  Parasites and bacteria within the waste, can lead to severe illness if inhaled or injested. If wildlife has been living in your attic the insulation should be removed and all electrical wiring inspected by a qualified electrician. 



Bats are common in Southern Ontario; they are commonly found residing in attics. The colony size can vary from a few to several thousand. They are known to help control the mosquito problem. In fact, everyday they consume their own weight in mosquitoes. This can lead to huge waste problems if bats choose your attic for a roost.

Bats can squeeze through a roof vent or a small hole about the size of a quarter. Typically bats tend to live in colonies and often these colonies can grow to number in the thousands. Large numbers of bats if left unchecked can leave behind large mounds of faeces and urine in your attic. Hot summer temperatures can cause a distinct unpleasant smell in your home.


Furthermore, bat droppings may contain parasites harmful to human health. These parasites can cause diseases such as Histoplasmosis, when workers are exposed to elevated concentrations. Personal protection and good hygiene measures should be followed whenever bat droppings are removed or disturbed. Pigeons and other birds can cause similar damage, and also may be hamful to your health.

Insulation may also become damaged from fire, smoke or water intrusion. If this occurs the damaged insulation should be professionaly removed, discarded and replaced with new insulation. Employees are fully trained and protected with the appropriate personal protection.