Georgian Insulation Systems utilizes a Thermal imaging camera to discover insulation and building en

Infra Red Thermal Scanning - We can help you locate areas of heat loss in your home or office.

Thermal Infra Red imaging, is a non invasive way to locate missing insulation, detect air leaks, moisture intrusion, wildlife, and even some structural problems. Thermal imaging can quickly identify problems in your home or commercial building.

All objects and surfaces emit different temperatures. The Thermal imaging camera shows these differences in an easy to view image. Missing insulation or moisture in a wall is quickly identified without damaging the surface.

Infra Red Scans are useful for diagnosing building problems such as;

  1. Detecting missing insulation,

  2. Locating Moisture problems, leaks , condensation etc.

  3. Detecting overloaded electrical circuits.

  4. Detecting air leakage.

  5. Verifying solar panels are functioning correctly.

  6. Remotely and safely measure temperatures.

  7. Finding hot spots on equipment.

  8. Verifying radiant in floor heating is working.

  9. Locating missing heat registers.

  10. Locating leaking plumbing and air ducts.

  11. Detecting moisture intrusion in a foundation wall.

There are many applications for this modern technology. A quick scan of a building can quickly identify problems, often resulting in considerable cost savings over traditional invasive investigations.

Georgian Insulation is based in OroMedonte. We cover all regions in Simcoe County, Muskoka, Haliburton, Dufferin, North York, Grey and Bruce.

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