Insulation Could Be Your Best Bet For A Home Reno This Year

Homeowners across Ontario are spending money on their homes. Given the price of real estate, your home is likely your biggest personal investment and it deserves maintenance and upgrades over the years.

Many people will think of up-grading their kitchen because we've been told by real estate agents that this is where you can re-capture some of the renovation costs when you re-sell your home.

If you are thinking about where to put your renovation budget this year, think about insulation. Insulation is the "behind the scenes" renovation that may not produce the same oohs and awes as a new appliance, but will give you a smile when you look at your home heating bill every month!

A well insulated home is more comfortable for your family. Temperatures are more even and easier to maintain. The home vents properly in the summer so your air conditioning doesn't have to work as hard and the right amount of insulation keeps the heat from escaping too quickly during the winter. The bottom line is real savings and genuine payback!

Don't think that money spent on insulation won't increase your home's re-sale value. Potential buyers want to know what's in the attic and what the heating costs are like. A home with superior insulation costs less per month to run and a purchaser will be interested in that advantage.

Choosing the right insulation means speaking with a knowledgeable contractor to find out what they recommend and what the benefits are for different options. Unlike other types of renovations that require design choices, selecting upgrades to your insulation is based on material properties, cost, and performance. Give us a call and find out more about upgrading your home's insulation.

Georgian Insulation is our family business. We've been helping homeowners upgrade or install new insulation for decades. We're recommended by leading custom home builders, commercial design/builders, architects, home inspectors and our many customers. We provide Polyurethane Spray foam, Cellulose, Bibs (blown in blanket), Walltite, Fibreglas, Roxull, Fireproofing, Insulation Removal.

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