Keep the Heat Where it Counts - Thermal Scanning Can Find Insulation Problems

Using Thermal Scanning to Locate Heat Loss in Your Home

Reducing the amount of heat loss in your home can have a huge impact on your monthly heating bill while improving the comfort of your home. While a chilly basement or a drafty room may be obvious signs of heat loss, Thermal Infra Red imaging is an option for quickly identifying problems that are not easily recognizable. This non-invasive technique can locate missing insulation, air leaks, moisture intrusion, wildlife, and even some structural problems.

How does it work?

The Thermal imaging camera shows the different temperatures of objects and surfaces with an easy to view image. Missing insulation or moisture in a wall can be quickly identified without damaging the surface. The image will show variations in colour that indicate temperature. See some examples here.

Infra Red Imaging can be used to diagnose building problems such as:

  • Detecting missing insulation

  • Locating moisture problems, leaks, condensation etc.

  • Detecting overloaded electrical circuits

  • Detecting air leakage

  • Verifying solar panels are functioning correctly

  • Remotely and safely measuring temperatures

  • Finding hot spots on equipment

  • Verifying radiant in floor heating is working

  • Locating missing heat registers

  • Locating leaking plumbing and air ducts

  • Detecting moisture intrusion in a foundation wall

Determining where heat loss occurs is the first step to making your home more comfortable. Once you have identified the problem, you can select the appropriate solution such as installing additional insulation. Georgian Insulation has several insulation options that will help you maintain a comfortable and energy efficient home.

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