What Is an R-Value?

If you’re considering renovating your home or adding in new insulation, you have likely come across descriptions using “R-Value.” But what is an R-Value and what does it mean for your home?

What is an R-Value?

R-Value is the measurement of insulation effectiveness – a high R-Value means the insulation will be an effective insulator with a high capacity to resist movement of heat. Insulation type and installation can both effect the R-Value rating, so its important to not only choose quality insulation, but also choose an experienced, knowledgeable company to install it, since compression and air spaces can have a huge impact on effectiveness.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has listed a table with characteristics of common insulation materials, including their R-Value. Its definitely worth checking out on their site. I have also include a portion of the table below:

What products have a high R-Value?

We offer a variety of insulation products with high R-Value. Our cellulose insulation has an R-Value of R 3.8 per inch. Cellulose is a great insulation choice as the R-Value remains consistent unlike some other insulation types, such as fiberglass, which loose R-Value in extreme temperatures.

Cellulose has additional benefits aside from a high R-value. It is an environmentally friendly as it takes less energy to make compared to any other insulation material. In addition, it is made from recycled newsprint, diverting waste from landfills and prevent the release of greenhouse gases when newspaper decomposes.

It is also a cost-effective choice as it performs well with a 100% seamless seal, helping keep your utility costs low. Cellulose insulation also has the lowest cost per square foot per R-Value.

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