Is it Time to Improve your Insulation?

Adequate insulation is your best defense against the cold weather. It keeps your warm air from escaping and prevents cold air from seeping into your home. But how do you know if you should add or replace your insulation?

If you’ve ever wondering why it’s so cold in your house, you may already be suspecting that it’s time to add or replace your insulation. But there are some additional signs you can look for that would indicate it’s time for change

  • High energy bill. There is absolutely no reason why you should accept a high home heating bill! If you’re not sure if your energy bill is high, consult with your neighbours and see what they’re paying per month. Most likely, the cause of a high energy bill is poor or damaged insulation. The good news is … updated insulation can reduce your energy cost up to 50%.

  • Roof ice dams. Ice dams are formed when heat escapes from the home and causes snow to melt. The water formed from this heat loss will then freeze as it flows from the roof, causing ice dams and icicles. This is a dangerous situation that can be costly – and it’s also one of the most visible signs of poor insulation and ventilation.

  • Changing temperatures within your home. Does your home feel hot at one minute, and then cold shortly after? This can be a sign that your home is allowing cold or warm air to enter or escape, often through the attic or basement, and sometimes even through the walls.

  • Inconsistent temperatures in different rooms. What if you’re living room is warm and cozy, but your bathroom or bedroom are freezing cold? This is a sure sign of an insulation concern.

  • Wet insulation. If you’ve recently had a flood or leak, it’s imperative that you allow your insulation to dry out completely. If your insulation does not dry properly, it can lead to mould.

  • Damaged or aging insulation. Insulation used in older homes may not be as effective as the insulation available today. Not to mention that many types of older insulation, such as vermiculite, is considered unsafe to use today. If your experiencing the signs of poor insulation and/or have notice damage to your current insulation, it’s time to move forward with a retrofit.

  • Cold drafts, cold floors or cold walls. If your floors or walls are cold to the touch, or you notice a cold draft when all windows are doors are closed, your insulation is not preventing cold temperatures to entering your home.

  • No “air barrier”. The purpose of an air barrier is to prevent the movement of interior or exterior air through the insulation system. Homes lacking an air barrier (most older homes were not designed with air barriers), or homes that have a improperly installed barrier, should investigate insulation options to prevent air leaking to and from the home.

If you experience any of the signs of poor insulation listed above, it’s time to insulate your home before the cold weather hits again.

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