4 Tips to Preparing Your Roof and Home for Winter

It’s November, which means it's time to get your house ready for the winter conditions ahead; snow, freezing rain, sleet, cold wind, and winter storms. Your roof protects your home against harsh weather conditions and it is essential that it's in good condition to keep your family comfortable and your energy costs low.

Roof winterization means not only a visual inspection of your roof surface, but also preparation of the areas around your house that might impact your roof in a winter storm. Here are some things you can do to prepare your roof and home for winter:

  • Remove any dead trees or tree branches that could fall on your home now before the weather makes this task more difficult. Ice build up on these weakened branches can cause severe damage, especially in high winds.

  • Inspect your roof thoroughly, look for missing or damaged tiles/shingles, warped or missing flashing.

  • Clean off any built up debris and clean out the gutters to keep melted water flowing. Check that your gutters are clear by running water through from the roof surface.

  • If you had an area of icicles hanging down from roof eaves last winter, then you should address the problem before you end up with water damage in your home and damage to your roof. Roof dams are often caused by inadequate ceiling insulation, or poor soffit and ridge ventilation.

We can help you evaluate the condition that caused the ice dam. Thermal imaging can pin-point areas of heat loss. Insulation can be added to stop the flow of heat out of the weak area. It's not always the case that you need to add more insulation - you might need a different type of insulation, so it's important to have professional advice.

If you need roof repairs, contact a licensed roofing contractor right away, and if your roof looks fine, remember it is a good idea to have a roof expert take a look at it every 2 or 3 years to confirm its condition.

As a homeowner getting ready for winter means more than turning off the exterior water, putting away the patio furniture, and firing up the snow-blower. Inspecting the overall condition of your roof and addressing any issues with your home insulation will help you fix problems causing snow and ice builds up. Don't wait until the damage is done. Ice dams not only cause roof damage but interior water damage resulting in the expense of replaced drywall.

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