How to Find & Fix Air Leaks In Your Home

You're at home, getting warm and cozy, and all of a sudden you feel it; a cold breeze against your skin. But where is it coming from? Air leaks and drafts can be a mild annoyance to a major problem- especially if you’re also feeling the draft in your wallet when it comes time to pay bills.

The first step in fixing a draft or air leak is locating them. There are some common areas to check in your house for air leaks.

Doors & Windows

These are your most obvious places to check first. Windows are going to be the most common area where you’d feel a cold draft. You can run your palm along the seals to feel for any breezes coming in, or you can use a candle or burning incense and watch for the flame/smoke to flicker. Mark the leaks with a sticky note or piece of masking tape.

Sealing these leaks can be as easy as purchasing some heavy curtains, weather sealant, or caulking for a DIY job. An under door “sweep” can also be installed to stop drafts. A more severe leak might require the purchase of a new window or door- but this can get pricey and is often unnecessary. While doors and windows might seem the most obvious- sealing them won’t save you the most on your energy bills.


Chimneys are another obvious one. technically they are drafty by nature! Examine the area for any abnormal draft activity, and usually covering the fireplace up when not in use will prevent any major drafts.

Outlets & Fixtures

Electrical outlets and lighting fixtures are common areas for air leaks- especially in older homes. Examine these areas carefully and if needed you can purchase draft-proof gaskets.

Attics & Basements

This is where we save you some money on your energy bill. Attics, Basements, and crawlspaces can be the worst spots for uncomfortable ( and expensive) air leaks and drafts in your home. It is important to inspect these areas carefully as insulation might be damaged or improperly installed. In these cases, replacing the insulation with better, more energy efficient insulation can make the biggest difference in prevent drafts and keeping heating costs down.

Thermal imaging is one of the most efficient ways to find areas of heat loss and air leaks in your home. Georgian Insulation Systems utilizes a Flir Thermal imaging camera to discover insulation and building envelope concerns.

The right insulation system can not only reduce the amount of energy you use and save you money, but make your home safer and more enjoyable. It's an important upgrade or reno project and you want to be absolutely sure you have professional advice and excellent options. Georgian Insulation Systems, the area’s leading insulation contractor will work with you to achieve the highest level of efficiency in your home. Call us for a free estimate on your project. 1-866-576-9338

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