What Are the Signs of Insulation Problems in the Winter?

This winter's temperatures were all over the place. One day it would be in the minus 30’s and the very next week it would rise back up to the pluses. Maybe these temperature extremes made you realize that your insulation isn’t up to par. In order to provide a comfortable environment throughout the varying temperatures, your home needs to be well sealed, well insulated, and properly ventilated.

More extreme temperatures often see higher energy bills. The bigger the difference between your indoor and outdoor temperatures, the more energy is needed to regulate the indoor temperature. This is only exacerbated by poor insulation and poor ventilation.

So what are some signs of inefficient insulation during the different seasons?

Signs of Insulation Problems in the Winter:

  1. Walls cold to touch

  2. Cold floors

  3. High heating costs

  4. Uneven heating levels within building

  5. Mould growing on walls

Signs of Insulation Problems in the Summer:

  1. Uncomfortably hot inside air

  2. High cooling cost

  3. Ineffectiveness of air conditioning system

  4. Mould growing in the basement

If you have any of these problems, you should look into inspecting the insulation system in your home.

CIMAC lists these points as being part of an effective insulation system.

Effective Insulation Systems:

  • Have an air barrier which prevents the movement of interior or exterior air through the system

  • Have carefully filled cavities which leave no gaps in or around the insulation and do not compress the insulation

  • Have a minimum of thermal bridges. These are parts of the wall that, with a lower R value extend from the warm side to the cold side of the insulation (giving heat an easy escape). Structural members in the wall will often act as thermal bridges.

  • Have a vapour retarder such as polyethylene sheeting, which prevents moisture from moving from warm interior spaces into a colder building envelope where it could condense

  • Have drying potential - which is the ability of the insulated assembly to release any moisture that gets into the system

The right insulation system can not only reduce the amount of energy you use and save you money, but make your home more liveable and enjoyable. It's an important upgrade or reno project and you want to be absolutely sure you have professional advice and excellent options. We have decades of experience evaluating homes in central Ontario and would be pleased to come out and take a look.

Georgian Insulation Systems, the area’s leading insulation contractor will work with you to achieve the highest level of efficiency in your home. Call us for a free estimate on your project.


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