Add to Your Insulation Before the Winter

If you know that you have an insulation problem, maybe your insulation is old and you have drafts and cold spots in the winter, then it's time to look into the new insulation that is available to home owners today.

Upgrading and adding insulation can significantly safe on your home heating costs, and Georgian Insulation can help you find the best insulation solution.

Signs that you need to upgrade or add to your insulation:

1. Different temperatures within different parts of the house.

One part of the house might be really cold while other rooms are really warm. You may feel cold air seeping in from around window or door frames or you might feel a draft but can't find where it's coming from. We have the technology to find out where you are losing heat and where insulation is missing or thin. Georgian Insulation uses a Infrared Thermal Scanner that can detect heat loss in your home and pin-point exactly the areas that need more insulation.

2. Old and damaged insulation

Like a house, insulation ages and can become damaged over time, needing to be replaced or augmented. Not to mention that many types of older insulation, such as vermiculite, is considered unsafe today. You might also have damaged insulation, from open wires or animals. Animals like rodents or racoons can find their way into your home and take up residence, compacting and contaminating your insulation. Once you get rid of them and seal up the entry point you'll want to have your insulation inspected.

3. Wet insulation

With summer coming to an end there have been periodic summer storms with heavy rain with gusty winds. You might experience a flood or an water leak in your house. If your roof has damage the incoming water not only ruins your drywall but can be a problem for your insulation. If the insulation gets wet and doesn't dry out completely, it can get mouldy and you will have a bigger issue on your hands.

4. Renovation

If you're renovating your house and you know your insulation is old, it would be wise to replace it now rather than down the road. It's an important upgrade or reno project and you want to be absolutely sure you have professional advice and excellent options. The right insulation system can not only reduce the amount of energy you use and save you money, but make your home safer and more enjoyable.

Call us for a free estimate on your project. We'd be pleased to help you understand your insulation options so that you can save energy and enjoy a comfortable home all winter. 1-866-576-9338

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