Is Your Home Insulation Doing Its Job?

Everyone wants to lower their energy consumption and costs. A few years ago we had a frightfully cold winter and some Ontario residents had really scary heating bills to go with it.

If your insulation isn't doing its job, you are running your furnace for nothing, heating the great outdoors by pumping hot air out through weak areas in your building envelop.

Homeowners are right to install programmable thermostats, smart controllers, thermal backed curtains, and other measures to take control of their heating costs and try to reduce them. But, one of the most important factors in having an energy efficient house is quality, properly installed insulation.

Improving your insulation by adding to it, or addressing issues, or up-grading to better quality insulation, will all have a direct and positive effect on your monthly heating bill. The payback is readily apparent and measurable. Homeowners are sometimes hesitant about asking for advice about insulation - it is an unknown and sounds expensive. In reality, there are lots of options for improving your insulation, and sometimes the priority is to just fix localized problems with missing or damaged insulation that is causing cold spots and drafts.

Effective insulation systems slow the movement of heat and properly handle moisture. To do this they have the following:

1. an air barrier

2. carefully filled cavities that do not compress the insulation

3. minimum of thermal bridges in walls that are pathways for heat loss

4. a vapour retarder to prevent moisture from condensing

5. drying potential to release moisture

Georgian Insulation are knowledge experts in Simcoe County. We have extensive experience with a range of different insulation materials and systems and can recommend the most cost effective solution for your home.

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