What is a Building Envelope and Why is Insulation so Important in Winter?

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Winters in Canada are tough. From freezing rain, to snow and ice, your home has to keep your family comfortable and withstand the brunt of nature's weather.

You might be familiar with the term "building envelope", the physical separator between your inside 'conditioned' environment, and the outdoors. The building envelope is responsible for withstanding wind, water, heat, light and even noise.

At the heart of the building envelope is the control function - rain control, air control, heat control and vapour control.

Air flow is important to make sure your indoor air quality is healthy, your energy consumption is not excessive, and to avoid condensation and dampness. Air control includes the control of cold air passing through the insulation and convection loops within structures such as walls or ceilings.

Why is insulation important when it comes to your building envelope?

Residential insulation is a critical part of the physical components of your building envelope. How durable and effective your system is depends on insulation materials, installation and amounts, and the interactions between parts of the building envelope system.

Components such as the vapour barrier are important because moisture control or damp proofing is critical in cold climates, where there is a steep temperature gradient between the indoors and the outdoors. The thermal barriers or heat control layers are located within the building between areas that are heater and not. For example an insulated attic floor is the primary thermal barrier between your interior and exterior.

During the winter your building envelope is being tested daily by severe weather and fluctuations in wind, moisture, and temperature. Heating, cooling, freezing, melting are all occurring in your building envelope. If you have a well designed, efficient, quality system, then your home will be comfortable throughout the season.

How Georgian Insulation can help

If you see signs of damage, such as water damage on ceilings or walls, you'll need to get some professional help to evaluate the cause. In general look for;

  1. Walls cold to touch

  2. Cold floors

  3. High heating costs

  4. Uneven heating levels within building

  5. Mould growing on walls

The right insulation system can not only reduce the amount of energy you use and save you money, but make your home more liveable and enjoyable.

It's an important upgrade or renovation project for 2020, and you want to be absolutely sure you have professional advice and excellent options. We have decades of experience evaluating homes in central Ontario and would be pleased to come out and take a look.

If you suspect an issue with your insulation, feel free to contact us at Georgian Insulation. We can inspect your insulation and help you come up with a solution to ensure your home is properly taken care of.

Georgian Insulation are knowledge experts in Simcoe County. We have extensive experience with a range of different insulation materials and systems and can recommend the most cost effective solution for your home. Call us for a free estimate on your project. 1-866-576-9338

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