Looking For High Performance Home Insulation? Consider Walltite Eco Spray Foam

Walltite Eco Spray Foam insulation is made from renewable vegetable oils and recycled plastics, blended into a high performance spray polyurethane foam.

It is used to seal the entire building envelope of your home to prevent air and moisture infiltration. Areas such as electrical sockets, windows, doorways and walls can culprits from heat loss and draughts.

This product meets all the requirements of the National Building code of Canada and provides in one step, a long-term thermal resistance, an air barrier material and a vapour barrier. It has an aged R-value of R6.5 per inch and also improves the racking strength of a building by as much as 300%. The R-value of Walltite Eco exceeds competing spray foams.

For this high performance insulation, installation expertise is a must. Georgian Insulation provides certified and approved applicators who have BASF training.

During installation the spray foam is monitored for density, adhesion and cohesion. We submit the product batch number and installation conditions to BASF for on-going quality assurance.

We’re proud to be able to offer home owners the options of Walltite Eco Spray Foam.

Monthly energy and utility savings of 40% or more can be achieved over traditional fiberglass products. Paybacks can often be recovered in less than 5 years based on energy savings alone!

For more information about high performance insulation options, give us a call 1-866-576-9338. We'd be pleased to discuss your requirements.

VIDEO: Mike Holmes Discusses Walltite Spray Foam Insulation

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