Why Vapour Blasting Is a Superior Cleaning Method

Vapour blasting goes as far back as the 1940’s, where it was predominantly used in the aircraft industry.

Vapour blasting is sometimes called wet blasting or liquid honing. It cleans and restores surfaces by using a wet slurry and high pressure air.

Due to the effectiveness of vapour blasting, it now is used in many different ways: degreasing, cleaning off dies & moulds, removing paint, rust, scale, carbon, satin finishing of stainless steels, classic car restoration, and many more. But why do people prefer vapour blasting over the alternatives?

Here are 3 reasons why vapour blasting is superior to alternative methods.

1. Vapour Blasting is 100% Green

  • no airborne toxic chemicals

  • doesn’t kill vegetation and contaminate soil with toxic chemicals

  • Creates no dust unlike dry blasting

Vapour Blasting is significantly more environmentally friendly than the alternatives. Vapour blasting produces no harmful chemicals, just water and the abrasive media. That means that there is no harmful airborne chemicals created by vapour blasting. An example of a perfect vapour blasting application is graffiti removal. Conventionally harsh chemicals would have to be used in order to eliminate the paint, this would not only cause chemicals to be distributed into the air, but also the surrounding vegetation. In this application the use of vapour blasting would prevent chemicals from contaminating the surrounding environment.

2. Versatile

  • Adjustable pressure to deal with hard and soft surfaces.

  • Vapour blasting can get into hard or impossible to reach areas

Vapour blasting is an extremely versatile process. The pressure of the air/water can be adjusted depending on the surface. That means that vapour blasting can cover both brick cleaning, and rust removal; headstone cleaning, and classic car restoration, you get the idea. Softer surfaces are not damaged when the pressure is adjusted, so that even softer heritage stone can be cleaned with no pitting.

3. Cleaner Finish

  • finer finish due to the flushing effect of the water.

  • Doesn’t damage surfaces with harmful chemicals.

  • Not aggressive, eliminates corrosion.

  • There is no heat causing damage and disfigurement of the subsurface

There are many ways that vapour blasting can provide a cleaner finish, for example the water abrasive mixture creates a finer finish because of the flushing effect of the water. Due to vapour blasting not using any harmful chemicals, vapour blasting doesn’t impregnate subsurfaces with chemicals unlike alternatives. Vapour blasting isn’t aggressive, meaning the water acts as a lubricant between the abrasive material and the subsurface to eliminate corrosion. Finally, there is no heat created by vapour blasting, unlike alternatives where heat can easily damage and disfigure the subsurface.

Georgian Insulation utilizes a state of the art Graco Ecoquip Vapour Blaster. We’ll come to your site with our self-contained unit and solve your difficult cleaning or coating issues.

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