10 Reasons Vapour Abrasive Blasting is Better Than Dry Blasting

Vapour Blasting

Georgian Insulation utilizes a state of the art Graco Ecoquip Vapour Blaster. We’ll come to your site with our self-contained unit and solve your difficult cleaning or coating issues. Vapour abrasive blasting is superior to dry blasting for many reasons, and you should consider it for your next surface preparation project. Give us a call to discuss your project.

Here are 10 reasons why vapour abrasive blasting wins out over traditional dry blasting.

1. Vapour Abrasive Blasting suppresses dust by using a moist abrasive. The abrasive and water are mixed in a pressurized pot. Abrasive particles pulverize on impact and the debris is trapped in the water instead of being released into the air. This suppresses dust up to 92% compared with traditional dry blasting.

2. Minimal Dust = Minimal Containment

Containment requirements are much less stringent for vapour abrasive blasting than dry blasting. Full enclosure containment is not required meaning less work setting up the job, less material cost and the job gets done faster.

3. Vapour Blasting is safer than dry blasting.

Traditional dry blasting requires the operator to where a helmet, hearing protection, blast suit and gloves. Vapour blasting requires similar head protection but no body gear, suite or gloves. Because there is no dust cloud the work is not impaired by a dust cloud. Increase visibility means less workplace accidents.

4. Vapour Abrasive Blasting Consumes Less Media

The amount of blasting media is considerably less with vapour blasting because the process is so much more effective. Wet particles do more work because of increased mass and hydrostatic force. Vapour blasting can use a finer media in slurry with water, resulting in more impacts and less media consumption.

5. Vapour Abrasive Blasting Consumes Less Water

Vapour Abrasive Blasting uses up to 80% less water than slurry blasting. There is no big gritty puddle to clean up, treat or dispose of.

6. Less Operator Strain

Because abrasive and water are mixed under pressure in a tank, there is less operator strain from not having to pull the weight of the garden hose and water.

7. Vapor Abrasive Cleans & Washes Surfaces

Vapour abrasive blasting cleans like a sandblaster only better. It washes rust out of puts and crevices and rinses off soluble salts and other contaminants that cause flash rust.

8. Vapour Blasting Equipment Lasts Longer

Because the abrasive comes out of the tank lubricated it causes less wear on nozzles, hose, and valves.

9. Vapour Blasting has more Applications

With highly adjustable pressure, vapour blasting can prepare a wide range of substrates from white metal to cleaning delicate surfaces: metal blasting, concrete cleaning, marine maintenance, disaster recovery, antique restoration.

10. Blast Economically in More Environments

With reduced containment and cleanup, vapour abrasive blasters can take on projects that would be too expensive for traditional dry blasting - such as work within environmentally sensitive areas.


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