Is Your Home Vermiculite Free?

Is your Home Vermiculite Free

The housing market in Barrie is projected to increase by 5% in 2018, and Durham Region by 3% according to RE/MAX annual reports. (RE/MAX)

With the market continuing to increase due to many people searching for more affordable homes outside the GTA, 2018 is bringing in the new year with increased housing prices. Prepping homes for resale is never an easy task, but having a home inspection is a must to ensure the legality and safety of the buyers and sellers.

The fear of asbestos has subsided in recent years, but the threat still exists, and it’s important as a real estate agent to ensure the home is safe for resale. The threat is vermiculite, which contains asbestos, and can cause adverse health effects.

Home Inspection: Top to Bottom

The attic will be the first and easiest place to check for vermiculite. Be sure the insulation remains undisturbed, and the inspector wears the correct protection. The only way to confirm vermiculite is by taking a sample and having it tested by a lab. If positive, the information must be legally disclosed to all parties involved in the buying process.

If the insulation is confirmed, other areas of the house should be checked on a sample basis. If the vermiculite has been contained with caulking or sealants in an undisturbed area, it is considered safe, or on the opinion of the buyer on how to proceed.

Renovating? Consider Complete Removal

Any disturbance of this material, if not sealed in a space, can release particles into the air, causing adverse health effects. If any electrical work, drywall removal, or other invasive renovations occur, the vermiculite can contaminate the air.

To ensure the home is safe for contractors, workers, and buyers, it’s important to safely remove the vermiculite insulation before any renovations are made.

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Health and Safety is Priority

When considering removal of vermiculite, be sure to thoroughly research reputable businesses. You should never attempt removal on your own, and ensure you are informed on the best way of removal. The best form of removal is using a Vecloader, as the strength of the motor powered vacuum completely removes the insulation and contains all the materials and toxins in a sealed container that will be properly disposed.

Asbestos and vermiculite can cause a lot of anxiety for buyers and sellers. Having a quick, correct and safe removal and reinstallation can ease these worries.

Financial Institutions Will Want Asbestos Removed

Although there is no law stating a seller cannot sell a home with asbestos or vermiculite, many financial institutions will not confirm a mortgage if the toxin is present. For sellers, this can scare away potential buyers, and many buyers are educated on the risk of buying a home with asbestos.

Resell With Confidence

Preparing a home to sell is more than renovations and interior decorating. The health and safety of buyers and sellers can be in the hands of informed real estate agents.

Reduce anxiety about vermiculite with the removal team at Georgian Insulation Systems. With over 25 years in the insulation business, Georgian Insulation is a professional and local choice for people in Barrie, Orillia, Collingwood, Bradford, Alliston, Midland, Gravenhurst, Simcoe County, Muskoka, Haliburton, Dufferin, North York, Grey and Bruce. Contact us today!


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