Spring is a Good Time to Evaluate Your Home Insulation

Spring is a good time to evaluate your home insulation

It won’t be long until spring rolls in, and not just in name, with sun, new life, and chores around the house. From top to bottom, as the winter recedes, it’s time to inspect what was under the snow on the roof, and see the what impact utility bills have on your home budget.

Here are 4 things to think about as you prepare for spring cleaning, and recover from the winter!

1. Icicle Buildup On Eavestroughs

They have hung around all winter, but on frosty mornings before work, they reappear. Icicle’s can be a sign of leakage and poor drainage on the roof. Be sure you safely inspect your roof in the spring. Take a look from the ground for any signs of damaged shingles, and if your roof is over 10 years, or you had an ice dam over the winter, call a roofer for an inspection. If you are unsure about the signs of insulation problems, here is a checklist to make sure your icicle’s aren’t a sign of building envelope issues.

2. Allergens Before Spring

It’s not springtime without allergies, but to have allergens in your home this early in the year may be due to poor insulation. Without properly installed insulation -or if your insulation is simply too old- it could be causing mold and mildew, which can cause respiratory distress and cause allergies to develop. We can inspect the condition of your insulation and show you any problems that indicate insulation needs to be replaced.

3. Cold Walls, Cold Floors, and Expensive Utility Bills

In the winter it is too cold, and in the summer it is too hot, but once in your home, you want relief from the fluctuating temperatures. If your home has had issues keeping heat in, and it shows when you touch your cold floors or walls, and you also see your utility bills rise, it’s time to evaluate your insulation. You may have damaged or missing insulation causing cold spots and fixing these issues before next winter will save directly on your energy bills. Give us a call to take a look at your property and give you a no-obligation quote on insulation.

4. Damp and Cold Basement

With today’s technology constantly advancing, insulation from twenty years ago is no longer as efficient; even environmentally friendly are options we have now. Basements, finished or unfinished, usually get forgotten about and written off as “damp, cold and dingy”. Don’t write off your basement this spring, and bring it up to date with environmentally friendly cellulose insulation or even try a one-time life-time insulation of Walltite Eco, and you’ll feel the difference.

"I've been using WALLTITE® for years because of its outstanding performance. Now, it's been awarded the ECO logo." - Mike Holmes, HGTV host of Holmes on Holmes

The smallest sign of a problem can help you spring into action before you experience costly damage such as mold, roof replacement, and even health issues. Before the cold is gone and the summer heat comes, be prepared, and always make time for inspections of your house, because it is your home!

At Georgian Insulation, we know that your house is your home, and are a family owned business installing insulation serving Central Ontario, from the Kawarthas to Dufferin County, for over 20 years. If you are having problems like those listed above, give us a call at 1-866-576-9338 or get a free quote online.

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