Don’t Fear the Home Inspector When Selling Your Home

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"I wanted the benefits of buying a home built with new materials and warranties, and the peace of mind that comes with that, while avoiding the pitfalls of buying an older home with possible unknown or latent defects," Sabrina Heyde, a 32-year-old Ottawa lawyer, told The Globe and Mail, referring to her choice to buy new home over something older.

There is a fear both in the buyer and sellers mind with older homes, as they require an investment in costly repairs such as insulation. Unfortunately, as the Faris Team explains, these renovations don’t necessarily translate into an increase in home value.

Thankfully, with the advancement in technology, insulation needs or even asbestos removal are extremely safe, affordable, and can give you a valuable return on investment.

Canadians are giving the greenlight on Green solutions for insulation

Today, there are many solutions for insulation including eco-friendly insulation, which provide lifetime support. Canadians are more environmentally conscientious and in a study by the Canadian Green Building Council and McGraw Construction, it was found that going green was “the right thing to do” and was in “client demand” within the marketplace for green buildings. You can provide buyers with the security of knowing they have environmentally safe insulation, and get back your investment in the renovation.

Give your buyer a monthly energy and utility saving of 40% off

Insulation is not only easier, more environmentally safe, and longer lasting, it also provides savings for homeowners on their energy bills. With spray foam insulation by Walltite Eco, buyers get a lifetime of lowered energy bills. This is a great selling point, especially in Ontario, as CTV News covered research from the Fraser Institute where “they estimate that the average Toronto resident paid $720 more than the national average in 2016 alone,” on energy bills. Your buyers are looking at the long-term as the housing market continues to soar in pricing, and giving them a monthly discount on their bills solves those pain points.

Inspector Found Vermiculite or Asbestos? Don’t Worry!

Asbestos is not something you want to hear from an inspector that you have, and even if the asbestos is contained, buyers are privy to that information and may want you to remove it. See this as an opportunity, as the process is extremely safe and quick when handled by a professional and allows you to provide the above suggestions on what insulation they can use! Now, vermiculite is an insulation that contains asbestos, however the same removal process is used, and the same insulation solutions can be applied.

The most important part of selling your home is providing buyers with what they want and being open with them about these renovations. Opportunities exist when the inspector comes to your home, but be aware that these can be costly. Insulation should never be a diy job, make sure to hire professionals to remove old insulation and install new insulation.

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