5 Ways to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

Solar panels on a house

The movement towards environmentally sustainable building materials does not have to be an extensive renovation. Many environmentally friendly alternatives such as outdoor solar lights or investing in a rain water barrel can help reduce utility bills, with little initial cost.

Larger projects need more upfront investments, but still reduce electric bills, and your homes environmental footprint.

Today, we are covering the five ways you can renovate your home to be more environmentally friendly, without going into a heavy budget project such as geothermal or a from-scratch home.

1 - VOC Paint

Zero volatile organic compound (VOC) paint lowers the impact on the environment from dangerous chemicals, giving your home a fresh look and chemical free air.

2 - Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reusing already chopped logs of wood isn’t contributing to the logging industry and deforestation, and the rustic look is perfect for cottages.

3 - Eco-friendly Insulation

Blown cellulose spray foam is a great option for new insulation, especially if your home is older and needs new insulation anyway. It’s one of the greenest options on the market, and when done by professional like us at Georgian Insulation, you can guarantee it will be installed correctly.

4 - New Windows

Many windows on the market now have the added benefit of holding in hot or cold air better, and they are installed to be sealed tight to keep unwanted temperatures out as well as humidity. If your insulation is not the culprit of higher electric bills, consider your windows next.

5 - Metal or Rubber Shingles

You might find your electric bill rising as the seasons fluctuate. After insulation is ruled out or replaced, it may be your shingles that need replacing. Thankfully, rubber and metal shingles are environmentally safe, and have a longer lifespan than your average shingle.

There are tons of ways to make your home more environmentally friendly, and the list doesn’t end here. New technological advancements are always being released to the commercial market.

Whenever there is an option to lower homeowners carbon footprint, at Georgian Insulation, we try to always provide those products, and train all of our employees to deliver excellent products with great customer service. Contact us for a free quote, and get your eco-friendly insulation!

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