The energy efficient environmentally friendly insulation - WALLTITE ECO

WALLTITE is a medium density polyurethane foam insulation/air barrier system. It was created to improve on traditional spray foam insulation by being more energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. In this post we are going to share with you the two main reasons why WALLTITE eco is the best insulation for your home.

Structural Durability & Safety

WALLTITE eco has the unique ability to last for the entire life of the building and withstand wind pressure without displacement. In addition it can increase the structural durability of your home. WALLTITE eco is made of renewable vegetable oils and recycled plastics blended together. It meets all of the National Building Code of Canada requirements, and can increase the strength of your home by up to 300%. WALLTITE eco provides structural durability because of its air barrier system that controls vapour movement, further reducing the risk of mold, moisture, ice damming, and premature deterioration of building materials. When insulations like WALLTITE eco were studied by the United States National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) it showed that it dramatically increased structural strength, and increased racking strength by 50% when sprayed on oriented strand board. Finally, WALLTITE eco creates a draft free comfortable environment that prevents the infiltration of pollutants, toxins, and allergens.

Environmentally Friendly

WALLTITE eco is environmentally friendly in all stages of its life cycle. It requires less energy during production, and takes less material to produce the desired performance. WALLTITE eco is also transported as a liquid, expanding 30x during application. Meaning it requires less fuel to transport because more insulation can be transported in a single drum. WALLTITE eco is economically friendly as well, combining multiple systems into one, reduces the amount of labour required saving money. WALLTITE eco is made using recycled materials, and has earned the EcoLogo certification. Meaning WALLTITE eco contains a significant amount of recycled materials. It can also reduce greenhouse emissions by improving the energy performance of your home, lowering the environmental impact your home has.

WALLTITE Eco is a spray foam insulation that can help you reduce the environmental impact of any building, while having structural and support benefits. That is why we use WALLTITE eco at Georgian Insulation. For more information on WALLTITE eco visit -

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