Tips for Getting Your Summer Hideaway Winter Ready

If you have the option of visiting your summer cottage over the fall and winter months, or if you want to optimize your homes heating, there are a few things you should know about insulation.

1 - Start with the roof

A lot of cottages don’t have conventional attics that you can easily blow in insulation, and building in an attic can cut down on those views we treasure all year long.

If your roof has lived out its usefulness and it’s time to replace it then there is a great option out there. A technique many contractors have been using is to install extruded polystyrene foam on top of the roof rather than beneath it. This comes bonded to plywood, making the installation process easy, you simply add vapour barrier and your chosen roofing materials right over top. You can also add these panels on the floor as additional barriers for the colder weather.

2 - Dreaded condensation

When the cold canadian air meets the warm interior of the home we often get cold-bridge condensation. This is most prevalent in windows causing cell-rot, and at the base of the foundation where mold can begin growing.

If you are renovating or building a new cottage, a simple fix to these common problems is to install vapour barrier on the warm side of all walls and ceilings in your cottage, making sure to caulk all joints of the barrier to ensure an air-tight seal.

3 - Spray foam insulation

The goliath of insulation is spray foam, with its high R-value, and ability to be used to seal air leaks around both windows and doors. Keep in mind that this form of insulation is so efficient it can make homes unable to “breath,” so a heat-recovery ventilator would be highly recommended when using it.

4 - Blown-in is the way to go

If you have an unused attic that needs an insulation upgrade then blown-in is a great option. To maximize on this product there are a few things that need to be done first. For any gaps around pipes and wires you’ll have to use spray foam to seal that, as well as ensuring that your vent chutes are properly installed allowing airflow.

5 - Weathered windows

Old weathered windows can be a large expense to replace, so a simple fix would be to use a window insulation kit to seal out the cold air. While it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option, it does still let in the natural light, and is easily removed when the warmer weather arrives.

Improving the insulation in any home is an an investment. Let Georgian Insulation help you through this process and provide guidance on what the best options are for your unique needs. Contact us for a free quote, and get winter ready!


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