Top 5 Reasons to Insulate Your Home in Ontario

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Most homeowners don’t give much thought to what’s behind their walls. They buy their home and live in it until they sell it, without ever making sure that their house has the proper insulation it needs to be a comfortable home.

However, insulation is crucial for keeping outdoor air from getting inside your home and indoor air from escaping. It does this by trapping pockets of air and slowing down the in/out process - which you can read more about in our blog ‘How Insulation Keeps Your Home Comfortable All-Year Round’.

Through this process, insulation ensures that your home is kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer, as well as lowering your monthly energy bills, preventing mold growth and keeping unwanted noise out.

In this blog, Georgian Insulation Systems has noted the top five reasons why you should ensure that your home is insulated properly.

1 - Lower your monthly energy bills

Your heating and air conditioning generally accounts for the vast majority of your energy consumption in any given month, particularly during the winter and summer seasons.

If your home isn’t insulated properly, then your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) unit will be working harder than it should to account for the cold or hot air that’s escaping through your walls - this results in significantly higher energy bills.

By ensuring your home is insulated properly, your HVAC system will run much more effectively to regulate the temperature in each room of your house. The good news is, this results in far cheaper energy bills.

2 - Noise reduction

Many homeowners don’t know this, but effective insulation can actually lessen the volume of noise coming from either inside or outside your home - this will enhance the job that your double glazing is already doing.

By ensuring your house is insulated properly, you’ll be able to lessen the impact that uncontrollable noise has on your home, whether it be traffic, construction, loud neighbours, noisy animals or any other sounds that can wake you up at night.

3 - To ensure year-round comfort

Insulation works by slowing the movement of temperature between two materials. It does this by using dead air space or cells within a material to trap air and slow heat flow between objects of differing temperatures.

Not only does proper insulation stop warm air escaping from your home in winter, it also prevents hot air from entering in the summer. As a result, the insulation of your home will ensure you are comfortable all-year round and prevent temperature inconsistencies within your home.

4 - Insulation will increase the value of your home

Traditionally, new renovations have been the best upgrades to add value to your home - whether that be refurbishing your deck, bathroom, kitchen or any other area of the property. However, today’s energy-conscious world means new buyers are looking for an energy-efficient home.

The result? Investing the money into proper insulation will significantly increase the value of your home.

5 - Insulation will keep your family healthy

A lack of insulation can lead to high levels of moisture in the air, which eventually leads to the growth of mould. With proper insulation, however, you can completely prevent this from happening within your home.

Insulation is a not only a great financial investment, it’s a great investment for the health of the entire family that lives within your home. In fact, numerous studies have found a link between proper home insulation and good health.

Those who live in insulated homes are far less likely to be admitted to hospital for respiratory illnesses, or miss school and work through sick days.

Want to learn more about the importance of proper insulation in Ontario, Canada, or simply want a quote for your property? Contact Georgian Insulation today. Our team of experts would be more than happy to help.

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