Top 5 Tips to Ensure Your House Stays Warm This Winter

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It’s finally Halloween, which means one thing - it won’t be long until the temperatures here in Ontario start to drop, snow starts to fall on our homes and we will be in the midst of winter before we know it.

Want to know what's even scarier than Halloween? The Weather Network is predicting that we will have temperatures below normal this winter, with heightened potential for extended periods of severe cold.

With light snow showers already in the forecast for the Muskoka region, it’s likely you’ve already had your heating on continuously for the past couple of weeks.

Ensuring your home stays warm during the winter months is not only important for your comfort and your health, it’s also vital if you want to reduce the amount you spend on your utility bills. To help, Georgian Insulation Systems has listed five tips that will ensure you keep your house warm and save money for the next few months.

1 - Make the most of your curtains

Despite it being cold outside, the heat from the sun is still a free way to warm your house up. By opening your curtains and letting the sunlight in during the day, you’ll be able to access free heat that ensures your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) doesn’t have to work so hard.

Shutting your curtains when it gets dark also acts as an extra layer of insulation that keeps warmth in your rooms, preventing it from escaping through your windows.

2 - Stop draughts from entering your home

For many homes, heat regularly escapes through windows, doors and other cracks. DIY draught-proofing is pretty easy, and can significantly help your home to be warmer during the colder months.

Using self-adhesive rubber seals around your door and window gaps, as well as putting down door draught excluders, are easy and affordable ways to ensure your house stays warm.

3 - Update old insulation

Over time home insulation becomes old and even damaged. Most people, however, never change their insulation unless it becomes absolutely essential. If this sounds like you. It’s likely that poor insulation is leading to a cold home.

Proper insulation is crucial for keeping outdoor air from getting inside your home and indoor air from escaping. There are numerous benefits of installing the right insulation in your home, including:

  • Ensuring year-round comfort, keeping your house warm in winter and cool in the summer.

  • Reducing noise from outside your home.

  • Lowering your monthly energy bills.

  • Removing temperature inconsistencies within your home.

  • Increasing the value of your property.

4 - Move furniture away from heating vents or radiators

You’ve probably never thought about how your living room arrangement affects your heating, but having furniture in front of radiators or on top of air vents is an incredibly inefficient way of retaining heat.

Furniture in front of radiators or heating vents will absorb the heat that could be warming your home. By moving these away, however, you’ll ensure that the warm air can circulate freely around your home.

5 - Check the insulation in your attic or basement

When most people think of insulating their homes, they often only consider wall insulation in the main rooms they use and ignore their basements and attics. However, improper and inadequate attic and basement insulation is one of the leading reasons for lost heat in the winter and lost air conditioning in the summer.

Installing the right insulation into your attic and basement will ensure warmth from your heating system stays in your home during the winter months, allowing you to stay cozy and comfortable even when the snow is coming down.

Are you looking for more information about insulating your home? Talk to one of our experts here at Georgian Insulation today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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