Vermiculite Removal

Vermiculite insulation was used for many years as home insulation.  It was installed in thousands of homes, in attics and walls. For years it was believed to be a safe and harmless product.  Several years ago researches discovered that some of the vermiculite contained low levels of asbestos.

Removing Insulation from Attic
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Removing Vermiculite and Asbestos from home
Where does Vermiculite come from?

Vermiculite was mined from the Libby Mine in Montana and from several mines in South Africa.  It is the vermiculite that came from the Libby Mine that contains harmful asbestos fibers. There are two distinct types of Vermiculite insulation, it may resemble expanded multi coloured “popcorn” or “chopped brown rice”.  The smaller chopped brown rice style is typically from the Libby mine and may be contaminated with asbestos.  However, the only way to be sure is to have a sample analyzed at an approved laboratory.


Many homeowners are concerned about the potential dangers of vermiculite insulation and the risk to their family. The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, CMHC recommends that the vermiculite insulation be left un-disturbed and managed in place, it is also suggested that the attic not be used for storage or living space.  However, many people simply do not like the idea of “ Asbestos” in their homes.


Asbestos fibers may be disturbed during renovations, electrical projects, or entry into the attic.  Air leakage from the attic into the occupied areas of the home may also allow asbestos fibers into the home.  It is very difficult to completely seal all attic penetrations.  Air leakage around the attic trap-door, wiring, chimneys, exhaust pipes, vent pipes and penetrations through the top plate of the wall, can all allow asbestos fibers to enter the occupied area of the home.


               Georgian Insulation Systems Custom designed HEPA Vacuum truck

Removal, is not a DIY project!

Removal of insulation contaminated with asbestos, should not be tackled by a homeowner or an inexperienced contractor. This removal should be handled by a company that has the experience, training, liability insurance, and the safety protocols to protect employees, your home and your family. 


Some contractors simply pull down the ceilings and insulation, allowing the contaminated material to fall on the floor. Other companies manually shovel the vermiculite into garbage bags for disposal; these methods can release millions of asbestos fibers into your home. The garbage bags are then carried through the house for placement in a dumpster, these bags may tear releasing asbestos into other occupied area of your home. Our Vecloader, HEPA Vacuum system protects employees, your family and your home.


Hepa Vacuum Truck and sealed vacuum tank, safely contains asbestos for disposal.


Georgian Insulation Systems:-Professional Asbestos Removal!


Many homeowners choose to have the vermiculite insulation professionally removed.  Georgian Insulation Systems,  has recently invested in an industrial grade HEPA Filtered Vecloader System, to quickly and safely remove the harmful asbestos from your attic. This powerful vacuum system utilizes a 170 Horse power diesel engine along with Cyclonic and HEPA filtration.The asbestos contaminated material is simply vacuumed from the attic and placed into a large, sealed container for proper disposal at an approved asbestos facility.  This system is the safest and most efficient way to mechanically remove the vermiculite and asbestos insulation.



Often, the vermiculite is discovered by the home inspection process during the sale of the home. Purchasers are demanding that the vermiculite be professionally removed before the real estate transaction closes. Vermiculite insulation can lower the selling price of the home due to the cost of removal and the anxiety of potential asbestos contamination. Many financial institutions are now demanding that the vermiculite containing Asbestos be removed or the mortgage may be denied.


Our mechanical vacuum system allows Georgian Insulation Systems to quickly and safely remove the contaminated insulation from your home.  This minimizes the disruption to the home and family. The whole process of removal and the install of new insulation, can be completed, professionally, quickly and for a fraction of the cost that other companies may charge.

Georgian Insulation Systems, Simply the best there is!